Lake Hiawatha Fire Department




1978 Pierce Mini Pumper


The 1970's saw the design of a smaller sized quick-attack fire truck called the "Mini-Pumper" gain in popularity.  Lake Hiawatha purchased this 1978 Dodge W300 4-wheel drive Mini Pumper built by the Pierce Manufacturing Inc., For $34,440.00  Engine 642 was equipped with an 400 G.P.M. Waterous 2-stage pump, 250 gallon water tank, one booster hose reel, 3 pre-connected 1½ inch attack hose lines, 500 feet of  2½ inch supply hose, brush brooms, Indian tanks, 2 Scott Air-Paks, generator, 2-500 watt flood lights along with other miscellaneous fire equipment.  The Mini-Pumper was sold during 1994 to an equipment dealer.


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