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1984 Pierce Arrow


Engine 641 is a 1984 "Pierce Arrow" Custom Pumper built by the Pierce Manufacturing Company of Appleton, Wisconsin.  Purchased at a cost of $135,682.00, this was the first truck in the department to be powered by a diesel engine.  The apparatus is also equipped with a automatic transmission, 1250 G.P.M. Two-stage pump, 500 gallon water tank, one booster reel, two 1½ inch pre-connect attack lines of 200 feet each, one rear 2½ inch pre-connected attack line, 1000 gallons-per-minute portable deluge gun, 3 and 4 inch supply hose along with Scott Air-Paks, extension ladders, etc.

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1984 Pierce Arrow
Used as a Supply Engine

*Seating for total of 5 Firefighters
*500 Gallon Water Tank
*1,250 Gallon Per Minute Pump
*Booster Hose Reel
*Two Pre-Connected 1 ¾ inch attack lines
*One pre-connected 2 ½ inch attack line
*1,000 G.P.M. Deck Gun
*3 inch and 4 inch Supply Hose
*Thermal Imaging Camera
*Extension ladders
*Pike Poles
*Forcible Entry Tools
*Medical Bag
*Pump-Out Equipment
*Portable Generator
*Brush Fire Rake
*A-Frame Ladder
* One 1 ¾ inch High Rise Pack
* Three Extra Air Packs


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