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1994 Marion Command Unit

Built by Marion Body Works, Inc., of Marion, Wisconsin on an 300 horsepower Freightliner FL80 Chassis, Fire, Command 644 was delivered to Lake Hiawatha during 1994 at a cost of $175,000.00.  The truck features an 18-foot walk-in box equipped with an 35 Kw generator, 25-foot Will-Burt light tower, 4 recessed and two portable tri-pod quarts lights, seating for 8 firefighters, storage for ladders and pike poles under the squad bench and a command desk area that contains multi-band radios, cellular telephone and fax machine.  The truck also carries Scott Air-Paks and spare Air-Pak bottles along with other specialized fire fighting equipment.

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1994 Freightliner/Marion
-Salvage/Rescue Truck
-Also serves mutual aid departments as the Firefighter Assistance Search Team(FAST) a.k.a. Rapid Intervention Team(RIC) Unit

*Seating for total of 8 Firefighters
*18 Foot Walk-In Box
*35KW Generator
*25 Telescoping Light Tower
*4 Recessed and 2 Portable Tri-Pod Lights
*Attic Ladder
*A-Frame Ladder
*Pike Poles
*2 Positive Pressure Fans
*Negative Pressure Fan
*Stokes Basket
*Various Sized Tarps
*Search Rope
*Utility Rope
*Life Preservers
*Medical Bag
*Drinking Water
*R.I.C. Air Bottle Bag
*Various Fire Extinguishers
* Holmatro®  Battery Powered Extrication Jaws
*Forcible Entry Tools
*Pump-Out Equipment
*Extra Air Bottles
*Road Flares
*Thermal Imaging Camera
*Various type/lengths of Extension Cords
*4 to1 Hauling System
*Circular Saw
*Roof Saw
*Chain Saw
*Portable Generator
*Wood Cribbing
*Haz-Mat Boom
*Haz-Mat Absorbent pads
*General Tool Box
*One 1 ¾ High Rise Pack



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