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Junior Firefighter Program


        The purpose of the Lake Hiawatha Junior Firefighter Program is to provide continuing protection against fire for the residents of District Four and the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills. Junior firefighters shall be trained in fire prevention and suppression; and at times will be called upon to use those skills. They will become involved members of their community and will develop an appreciation for volunteerism. These qualities will be carried with them for their lifetime and will benefit their community, be it Lake Hiawatha or elsewhere, for years to come.

Admission to the Junior Firefighter Program

A.      The Junior Firefighter Program shall be sponsored by the Board of Fire Commissioners, District Four.

        1.        The Board of Fire Commissioners shall bear the responsibilty of insuring the Junior Firefighter Program.

B.      Members of the Junior Firefighter Program shall be subject to the established chain of command within the Lake Hiawatha Fire Department and shall answer ultimately to the Chief.

        1.        There shall be no chain of command within the Junior Firefighter Program.

C.      In order to be eligible for membership in the Junior Firefighter Program, candidates shall:

        1.        Live within the boundaries of Fire District Four. (Note: exceptions may be made with approval by the Chief.)

        2.        Be at least sixteen (16) years of age and not have reached their eighteenth (18th) birthday.

        3.        Must pass a physical examination administered by a licensed physician.

        4.        Must have a minimum of a "C" average in school, with no failing grades.

        5.        Must obtain a signed permission slip/waiver of liability from their parent or legal guardian.

        6.        Must be of sound moral character.

D.      Membership in the Junior Firefighter Program shall be limited to ten (10) junior firefighters.

E.      Membership in the Junior Firefighter Program may be suspended or revoked by the Chief or his designee at any time for a violation of department policies and procedures.

F.      Acceptance into the Junior Firefighter Program shall not guarantee later acceptance into the Lake Hiawatha Fire Association.

Contact the Chief for an Application.

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